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Interviews and features on conservation efforts in Ontario, with naturalists, educators, professors and more!

Learn here about some of the incredible efforts being done to protect species and places across the province!

bombus ternarius - manitoulin island ont

Meghan Mitchell

Learn about pollinators and why they're under threat, as well as finding out ways you can help protect them from home!

Peter Soroye

Pollinators, photography and being black in STEM - learn more about how to help bees and what Peter was doing on a mountain with a fishing rod in Arizona

Snapping turtle nesting roadside.JPG
DSC01236 (2).JPG

Dr. Jackie Litzgus

Turtles! What makes them so cool, some of the threats they face and what Ontario is doing to protect them!

Jill Brooks

Acoustic telemetry in the Great Lakes and fish microsurgery

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Dr. Sheila Colla

We learn about native bees vs honey bees, some of the threats facing them and what you can do to help!

Dr. James Paterson

We look at the loss of habitat for reptile and amphibian species, explore the diversity of herps in Canada and dive in on ways you can contribute important citizen science data to help understand and save them!